March 2014


I had to ask him three times what his name was before I got it right. The young man who had escorted two ladies into Planned Parenthood, had stepped out of the building to have a cigarette and when I asked him if he would talk to me, he walked right over.  “I’m David, what’s your name?” I asked, shaking his hand. “Zero?” I asked.   “ Yah, Zero,” he replied. “Cool, what’s your last name?”  “Tolerance,” was his answer. “What, Zero Tolerance, are you kidding?” I exclaimed. “No,” he replied, showing me the proof and adding that his folks must have had a sense of humor. He said that he liked his name so much that he tattooed it on his arm. I told him I thought it was a good name too and that there were many things that we should have “zero tolerance” for. I asked him if he thought that abortion was one of them. He stated that he was totally against it and that one of the women who went in was 14 weeks pregnant with his third child. He then revealed that the other woman was his sister who was pregnant and had asked him to drive her to P.P. for an abortion. He said that she was now unsure about it after having looked at the literature that I had given her as they drove in.

Over the next two hours I spoke with Zero as he went in and out of the building and gave me updates about his sister’s conflict whether or not to abort her child. I encouraged him to plead for the life of his niece or nephew. He said that even though he was totally against it, it was still her choice. He said that my words to her were doing good and that he thought that she would not go through with it. Yet, he didn’t feel that he had the authority to try to sway her choice. She even came out and spoke with me for a time. I did my best to speak the truth to her in love and offered everything I could think of to help her. She was crying as she went back in the building. I texted out requests for prayer.

As all of this was unfolding another car pulled in the lot and eventually a man got out and walked over asking where the help was that he had read about on the sign that Bonnie (another  pro-lifer) was holding. I gave him directions to the PRC and he thanked us and they drove away. Praise the Lord!

Jose and Abigail, another young couple, were also struggling about whether or not to abort. Jose came over to talk with me and made it clear that he wanted his child to live but she was leaning toward abortion. I spoke with him for about five minutes and encouraged him to go back inside and plead for the life of his child. He came out and said that she had decided to abort and that they were taking her into the procedure room. Again I encouraged him to do everything that he could to save his son or daughter while there was time. I asked him if I could pray for him and he said, “Please.” Jose went back in and the nurse told him that he couldn’t  see her. He demanded to talk to the mother of his baby and finally prevailed against the nurse. Sadly it was no use, Abigail insisted on going through with killing her child.  When Jose walked back out to me he was crushed. He sat down on the curb and mourned. I put my arm around him and ministered to him as best I could for about fifteen minutes. We talked about our sins and I shared the good news that if he would turn from his ways and believe that Jesus took the punishment  for him he could find forgiveness and a new life.

I had a chance to talk with Abigail as they left. It is difficult to know what to say to a total stranger in this situation. I said to her as gently as I could, “Abigail, you have done an evil thing. Repent and seek forgiveness.” She just stared blankly at me.

Finally, Zero and his sister came out. She had chosen to kill her baby. She sat in the passenger seat stunned as Zero drove out of the parking lot. I walked to my van and just sat there for a long time before driving home.

It is not easy to process experiences like these. I ask God to give me understanding. How am I like Zero? How are we who are called by His name like Zero? This man claimed to have “zero tolerance” for the shedding of innocent blood yet his actions proved otherwise. Sunday after Sunday we sing words of commitment to Jesus and proclaim our desire to follow and obey Him.  May God grant us the grace to prove this by action.  May He grant His children the grace to be found worthy of His name. May God give us understanding.

“For You have magnified Your word according to all Your name” Ps. 138:2