May 2014


I considered sharing with you how God providentially arranged for me to walk right into the Planned Parenthood office in Mt. Vernon this past month. It was an awesome experience! Nevertheless, instead I want to relate the interactions I had with two pairs of high school age ladies in the past  weeks.

Kinsey and Megan had come to Planned Parenthood together as had Joanna and Natalie. The conversations we had were almost identical. Both encounters began as they walked over to receive the information that I had offered. Handing them the pamphlet The Truth About Planned Parenthood,  I explained, “Here are some things you may not know about PP, I never assume someone is coming here for an abortion, but they do commit abortions here.” This is an opening line that  seems like a good way to diffuse tension and start a dialogue. In both instances, they were surprised to learn this fact  and expressed their opposition to abortion. I then followed up by asking why they were not in favor of abortion. They gave the same answer, the  one I almost always receive in one form or another, “It takes the life of child.” At this point I said, “My name is David, what’s yours?” Then addressing them by name I asked, “ May I challenge you a little? I think you can take it!” They replied “Yes.” So I asked, “Since you said that abortion is the killing of a little person, one as unique and valuable as you or me, what good reason could there possibly be for you to come here?” They didn’t offer one.

It was obvious to me that they had come to PP for “The Pill” so I gave them a comprehensive pamphlet about “contraceptives” and briefly shared with them how abortifacients (a drug, that induces abortion)  work and that they can cause early abortions, a fact of which the mother may not even be aware. I informed them that the World Health Organization lists “The Pill” as a Class 1 carcinogen (a substance that can cause cancer) and they were shocked. I urged them to go online and check it out for themselves. I then began to explain some facts about the miracle of the conception and gestation of a new life. Namely, that at the moment the sperm and ovum meet a unique DNA is formed and just as you began, a new life starts it’s amazing journey. Only time, shelter, and nutrition are required for growth. I then asked, “If we all started out in this way, was there ever a time when you weren’t you?”

I admitted that as a man I had never taken “The Pill” or been pregnant (this got a laugh) but that I was married and my wife and I had learned a lot about the consequences and dangers of hormonal birth control. Furthermore as a husband I had gained a deep respect for the wonder that is Woman. I expressed my amazement at the complexity of a woman’s reproductive process contrasted with a man’s relatively basic contribution. These young ladies were particularly amazed to learn that all the “eggs” that they would ever have were formed in their ovaries when they were still in the womb.

At this point I began to tell them of God’s righteous plan for their sexuality. God is not some cosmic killjoy but in fact  sex was His idea and that it can be the most beautiful and fulfilling of human experiences. Yet, when removed from the safety of His design (marriage) it can be the most damaging. As I spoke of the power, the beauty, and the sacredness of sex and of the greatness of the gift that God has given to them as women, it was clear that this was a truth that they needed and longed to hear. A truth that the world suppresses. Sex is not just a physical act that can be separated from the heart and spirit.  You do not have a body. You are a body. I encouraged them not to give the precious gift of themselves away.  Save yourself for that husband that God has prepared for you (if marriage is His will). A husband who will rightly esteem  and jealously cherish you for the gift that you are.  God so loves you that He became flesh and gave up His life to redeem you. Seek Him and His perfect will for your life. Repent and come to Jesus and He will cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Finally, to you reader, if you are a Christian and taking “The Pill” or know someone who is, I beg you to do some basic research (see the website below). Seek the Savior and His will… “For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body” 1Cor. 6:20

To learn more about abortifacient birth control visit: