December 2014


Do you ever feel like you’re mad? I don’t mean angry. I mean crazy? Have you ever questioned your sanity? Ever feel irrational, unsound, certifiable, nuts, cuckoo, looney tunes, off your rocker, etc.? Considering just how many ways there are to describe insanity, I think everyone must have felt this way at least once. Why, else would there be such a wealth of words to describe it? At the risk of causing unwarranted concern, I will admit that I frequently feel I have gone mad. I suppose it is an easy enough state of mind to slip into standing alone outside of Planned Parenthood. I often question myself and my worldview in response to the reality I encounter there. Sometimes I ask myself and God, “Am I wrong about all this abortion stuff?” God, in His abundant mercy, always answers my question, often with a smack upside my doubting head with a brick of certainty. And I know, I am not mad! I am rational! It is the world that has gone insane! Here is one of those bricks:


Latin for “new skin”. A new and very expensive line of skin care and anti-aging products touted to keep you young forever. These “state of the art” creams and lotions were developed in a Swiss lab and contain PSP®,  an amazing proprietary breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. Obviously, the name NEOCUTIS is intended to suggest that the user of this product can have “new skin”. What is not so obvious: NEOCUTIS actually is new skin! Check out their website (very nice). Dig just a little bit and read the fine print. PSP® is derived from the cells of an aborted 14 week “fetus”. To be specific, one individual pre-born little boy who has a name that only God knows. This precious one’s life was taken, his body harvested, his cells grown in a laboratory, concocted into a cream, and sold to aging men and women trying to hide the decay of their once youthful faces. Sinners trying, in vain, to escape paying  the inevitable wages of sin.

In simple terms, these are the facts:

We are killing our children, grinding up their little bodies, and smearing them on our faces, vainly hoping to hide the marks of our sinfulness. What a diabolical irony! Was there ever a more barbaric, debased, and truly deluded generation than our own? Surely, the ancient peoples that practiced human sacrifice would be bewildered to see what has become of their “sacred” rite. Modern man may be shocked that these earlier cultures sacrificed their children to idols; as well we should be. Yet, it surely never entered the mind of ancient man that he was not only the one offering the sacrifice but the very idol as well. There is a depth of insanity in our evil that not even ancient pagans were guilty of.  We no longer need the false gods of antiquity; we can work the miracles ourselves. We have believed the oldest lie;  we have become like gods.

Pondering something like NEOCUTIS isn’t really like being hit upside the head with a brick, more like being crushed by a ton of bricks. God, by His Spirit, has given us a sound mind. We know that this world was created to reflect the glory and wondrous beauty of God, but through corruption it inevitably reveals the hideous and nightmarish insanity of sin. I am certain that I have not gone mad. I am equally certain that the world has. And it so very desperately needs the sanity of the Gospel.