June 2015


“Wow, this is just like missions work!”

That was the spontaneous declaration of someone who had spent a few hours on the streets outside of Everett Planned Parenthood with me recently. Coming from a person who was raised on the mission field and who has dedicated his life to become a missionary, his statement was a wonderful confirmation of what I have thought for a long time.

Over the years I have invited many people to join me on the streets. While some accept the invitation, most do not. So, I must admit that when Matthew and Ednay Abel called me on a Tuesday and said that they would meet me outside of Everett P.P. in about an hour, I was thrilled. I thanked the Lord for His people and remembered the boast that I had made to Matthew when inviting him, namely, that it would be unlike anything he has ever experienced. I was wrong. The truth is that when we show up in faith – in the jungles of Brazil or the wild streets of Everett – God faithfully shows up.

Our first divine appointment was with Jason and Devon, teenagers who had stopped in PP after school to get some condoms. I heard them giggling as they came out, “Look how many I got!” As they reached the side walk I greeted them. We talked for probably 20 minutes about good and evil, sin, the value and purpose of life, and on and on. These young men got a whirlwind tour from Genesis through the Gospels to Revelation. Jason was especially moved when we spoke of the great love of Christ for him as shown by His sacrifice on the cross. I told Jason that I could see on his face that he knew this was the truth, which he acknowledged. We pleaded with them to surrender to Christ and be reborn. I gave them both copies of the Gospel of John and as they left told them to throw those condoms away and to “keep their pants on for Jesus!”

For the next two hours, when we weren’t declaring the good news and preaching righteousness to Caitlyn, Tracy, and others we met, we shared sweet fellowship and encouraged one another in the Lord. We prayed for each other and took the above photo. As they left, I stood rejoicing on the hot sidewalk, imagining what great damage will be inflicted on the Kingdom of Darkness as this faith-filled couple goes forth in the mighty name of Jesus.

We can’t all go to Brazil and that is a good thing. There are plenty of “savages” right here in our own community. Would you be willing to become a missionary if you could still be home by dinner? If so, just give me a call.

“..Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest” John 4:35

David Graves