Jan. 2016



I just met my daughter three days ago and I can’t stop staring at her.

Many times over the last six months I looked at the growing bump on my wife’s belly and wondered, “Who is this?” Now I am gazing into baby Julia’s face and wondering, “Who are you?” I could never have imagined this beautiful little creature before me: her slowly blinking eyes ringed with dark hair that almost connects with her eyebrows. I laugh as I think, “She has sideburns on her temples!” I can’t stop touching her skin, was anything ever so soft? I feel her miniature knuckles, like little beads, and stroke her finely sculpted fingers. They are so long! I have to squint to see her tiny fingernails, so perfectly formed and delicate.

I praise you, Oh God, wonderful are Your works and my soul knows it very well. (Ps. 139: 14)

Already, I have begun to know her. Not just her amazing little body, but I see glimpses of her personality; she seems calm but curious. What a blessing to watch this precious flower unfold; a thought from the imagination of God revealed in flesh. Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made.


My soul rejoices in praise to our Creator for this miracle in my hands. How very precious is her life. I am struck by the thought that she is just one of the billions of children God has created, each a unique reflection of Him. I consider how great a loss her death would be and feel anew the crushing realization that so many millions are cruelly killed by abortion. My heart sinks as I try to grasp the value of such a staggering loss.

This immeasurable gift, this spark of life within my daughter, illuminates to greater depth the unfathomable loss of so many others. I am filled, at once, with joy and sorrow that both define and deepen one another. And I thank God for these feelings. I would not unmingle or dilute this moment. But cry out to God to enlarge my heart and to enlarge the hearts of all His people, that we might rejoice and mourn as He does.  That we might have life and have it more abundantly.

“Father, I thank you for life. Jesus, I thank you for giving your life and rescuing me from death. Holy Spirit, empower me to love my neighbor as myself and to value all children as I do Julia. God, by your grace, grant me today a heart after yours and the will to take action for the helpless, even as you did for me. Amen.”