July 2013


Sometimes things happen on the streets that are really hard to believe and even harder to understand. Today was especially hard. I will try to relate the story. It’s actually two stories, or rather two people; two very different young women that I spoke with, both on their way into Planned Parenthood.

Shanese was sitting in a car with the friend that had brought her to PP. I was able to engage her in conversation and it didn’t take long for me to establish that she had come for an abortion. I shared with her the facts concerning the development of the child in her womb, the personhood of her baby, and the fact that she was already a mother, all of which she acknowledged (I was optimistic). I pleaded with her for the life of her child and offered her help of every kind (the PRC, money, an adoptive family, etc.).  Nevertheless, she turned away to go in. I called to her and told her the truth as gently as I could, “Shanese, you will still be a mother… but of a dead child. I will not leave here until I see your face again. Please do not take the life of your baby.” She walked in and I prayed.

A short time later, another car approached. Elise stopped to take the literature that I offered. I could tell that she had not come for an abortion (I can’t explain how) and told her that PP was performing abortions today. I informed her that I could offer her alternatives for just about every other service that they offer. When Elise heard that they were performing abortions, she was very interested in finding an alternative. I asked what kind of help she needed. She explained that she was having some serious problems concerning her reproductive system and that they (she was married) did not have insurance or money for health care and that PP was the only place she could find that would give her a free pelvic exam. I gave her a number to call that I thought might be able to refer her to a place for medical help; a place that doesn’t kill children. No one answered. (I prayed) She tried again; they answered but were unable to help. I offered to take her to Providence and pay her bill but she said that she would find some other way. Then she went into PP and emerged two minutes later. She had canceled her appointment because she did not want the help of a place that committed abortions, even though she needed help.  I was very moved by her selflessness and asked if she believed in God. She replied that she was beginning to because of some things that had been happening recently in her life. I gave her a Gospel of John with a $50 bill hidden in the pages (I had felt led to bring this money but didn’t know why). She received the book with interest as I explained to her that it told the story of Jesus. She thumbed through it. When she saw the money she started crying. She tried to return it but I told her it was from Jesus. She cried some more. I asked her if I could pray for her. She said, “Yes.” I asked God to reveal Himself to her and encouraged her to seek His forgiveness and healing. She told me she would never come to PP again. I gave her my card and told her to call if she needed anything; that God has people who care.

Shanese finally came out and spoke to me. I asked her point blank if she had an abortion. She said, “Yes.” I asked her if she understood what she had done and she replied, “Yes, I am the mother of a dead baby.” There was no emotion on her face or in her voice; no sorrow, no regret, nothing. I asked her if she believed in God. “Yes, I am a Christian” she replied, then added, “I am supposed to go to a Bible study tonight.” I was dumbfounded! I have no doubt that she was being completely honest with me (she even told me what church she went to). I asked her if I could pray for her and she said, “Yes.” I pleaded with God to convict her of her sin and told her that until she confesses her sin there is no forgiveness.

Please pray for Shanese and Elise. Only two of the many that so desperately need what you have…Jesus.