September 2013


What a day I had today! It feels like a week of days. I spent most of it in front of the Marysville Planned Parenthood, where I had many fruitful conversations and much reason for rejoicing. Here is a sampling:

Jaimie – A “pro-choice” young lady who was quite hostile. The Spirit of God was so powerfully at work during our conversation that she ended up admitting that every human life is intrinsically valuable and that abortion is wrong. I testified to her of the saving power of Christ and she left with a copy of the Gospel of John and a 180 video.

Monica – A mother who has chosen life for her child stopped to get back in touch with me (she had lost my number). The last time I saw this young lady she was crying and scared. Today she was filled with peace and there was joy in her face as she spoke of motherhood! She testified of God’s working in her life. I encouraged her and prayed with her. This was a particular blessing as it is rare to have an ongoing relationship with those I meet in crisis. She thanked me and asked if she could hug me…what a joy!

The Atonement Youth Group – Out on the streets in full force. What a sight to see thirty-plus young believers boldly witnessing for Christ! I had to leave them though, as I was supposed to attend a candlelight prayer vigil at the Everett Planned Parenthood and was late.

As I left Marysville and drove to Everett, I rejoiced in the Lord and thanked Him for all that had taken place today. I parked several blocks from the vigil site and hurried to meet those who would be there. Cresting the hill, heading west down 32nd St, I was thrilled to see about 50 people gathered on the corner.  Walking closer, I saw many young children in the candlelight and heard singing; again my heart rejoiced. As I approached, the PP parking lot was to my right with the vigil in front of me down the sidewalk a ways; the two being separated by tall hedges. That is when I saw it. In the parking lot, obscured from the sight of everyone at the vigil, was the Labcorp van. I froze and watched a man get out and walk to the locked white box that sits outside PP. I looked in front of me at those singing in the candlelight then back to my right as he unlocked the box. No one at the vigil could see him. They were only 30 feet away yet no one saw him but me. My heart sank as he reached into the box and pulled out two bags. A small blue bag and a larger red bag. I glanced towards the vigil, then back towards the man as he gently shook the red bag, feeling it’s weight. I was sickened to see how it moved, knowing what it contained. He unceremoniously dropped the bags into the back seat of his van. I looked back towards the crowd of moms and dads and children singing.  I watched in disbelief as he drove out, passing between me and the others who had gathered to pray for an end to abortion, carrying away the little ones who had died today and who will not even receive the honor of a burial. Tonight I mourn.

We all, as Christians, stand in a position like I stood in tonight. All around us we see the wages of sin, yet we look with eyes of faith toward Victory –  toward Christ. If we had been at Golgotha nearly 2,000 years ago and witnessed the execution of Jesus surely we would have believed it to be a total defeat. Yet that very moment when He cried  “It is finished!” was an absolute, over-the-top, for-all-time, serpent-crushing, victory!  His people can expect and accept no less. 

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen” Heb. 11:1

“…and this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith” 1John 5:4