February 2014



There are so many stories I could share with you from this past month. Each encounter is etched in my mind and they often replay over and over. One, more than any other, has haunted me. Indeed, it seemed surreal as I witnessed it, almost as if I was watching a movie. I will share this experience last but first a couple of more encouraging stories.

Jaimie, a young woman who was not at PP for an abortion, was shocked to find out that they were performing abortions. When I asked her why she was against abortion she shared that she instinctively knew it was wrong and that the developing child was a person. The conversation quickly turned to God and she admitted that she believed that there was a God. For the next fifteen minutes I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what it meant concerning her sinfulness and the mercy of God towards her. She soaked it in like a sponge. What a joy to see the Spirit leading her closer to salvation. It was evident that she was right at the door.  Please pray for Jaimie.

Then there are the “Barber Brothers” as I jokingly called them. Two young Mormon missionaries in Mt. Vernon named (no joke) Elder Shaver and Elder Shearer. They often pedal by PP peddling (yes, joke) their anti-gospel. Again, what a privilege to challenge these two zealous but very lost young men with the truth about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and to testify to the truth and salvation that is only found in Christ. Please pray for these two precious souls that have believed and are propagating a lie.

Wednesdays are the main day in Everett  for surgical abortions. That is when volunteers come to stand in the parking lot with yellow vests and “escort” the mothers inside to kill their children. There are always two “escorts”, though not always the same two. They pride themselves in getting to the mothers before there is any opportunity for us to offer them help. These volunteers usually leave before the mothers begin exiting (post-procedure). On this particular day though, they were still present as I looked up to see a mother walk out with her arm around her young daughter. This girl, who couldn’t have been much older than sixteen, was clutching her abdomen and wincing with each painful step she took. Tears were streaming down her face. She was absolutely devastated both physically and emotionally. I was frozen as they passed by the “escorts”, who were chatting casually and sipping their Starbucks, unwilling to even acknowledge her. The mother helped her into the passenger seat of their truck and all I could say was, “God help you, ma’am”.  As they drove out of the parking lot I looked back at the “escorts” and was gripped with an holy anger. I let them have it:

“Did you see that young lady? Did you see the pain she was in? She could barely walk! Did you see the tears streaming down her face? Did you see the face of “Choice”? What about her broken heart, that you can’t even see, but that will ache for the rest of her life, knowing that she has killed her own baby! Shame on you! This is the fruit of your noble work! Death and destruction! I hope you cannot fall asleep tonight without seeing her face. May God have mercy on you.”

Please,  Brothers and Sisters, pray for this young lady (and so many like her) and pray for the “escorts” and workers at P.P. that God might lead them to repentance. Please pray that the Body of Christ in our community would come to repentance for our indifference and failure to lay down our lives for our neighbors as our Savior and Lord did for us. (John 13:34)